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A Gentleman and a Scholar

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Nacka, Stockholms lan, Nacka, Sweden

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Relationship: Widowed

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Age: 60


Seeking: female


Intentions: Long Term


Personality: Balanced

First things first. This is my very first try at online dating so yes I'm new at this with everything that comes with that. That said I have noticed that most profiles have not been logged into for quite some time and might thus be inactive.

Therefore I always start with giving a simple like and if I get one in response I will text You. This is built on matching after all.

Now onto something about me. I am a widower since a few years and now I have decided to search for a partner. I'm a bit traditional so marriage is preferred. The option of having children in a marriage should not be underestimated. Thus it's imperative that You are fertile. 

Apart from that chemistry is naturally the most important thing. Either there is chemistry or there is not. It's usually very easy to determine and will become apparent after a little of chat.

I strongly prefer that You, like me live in the vicinity of Sweden (That would be Europe). That makes everything so much easer. That said I might even consider some a bit more far of locations depending on how travel can be arranged.

What's more? Well I still spend most of my time working. Although having sold off a few of my enterprises I still have a real-estate company here in Stockholm and a third of a media company in London. So yes that makes me quite busy still. But that is the way I like it.

However the other aspects of life are very important as well and thus I now search for someone to share it with.
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am here in search of a true friendship someone whom i can build a serious relationship for better to
everything that keeps me healthy and fit, while satisfied and happy :d
everything that triggers my interests, curiosity, creativity, talents
working out


a restaurant
any place that inspires with beauty and delights
any place that is safe while fun
any place where is easy to communicate
email - correpondence

Deal Makers

a life partner

Deal Breakers

a liar ,
no chemistry between
lack of trust or faith
no communication
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